Born 32 years ago in the north Indian state of Bihar, I was lucky to have spent my early years amidst  the rice fields and gentle streams that were my playground, and it was there that my deep bond with nature was forged.  My delight in drawing has early roots. From the age of seven my mother would have me adorn our home with religious symbols, which are usually applied with rice paste or a paste made of flour. I was gradually drawn to painting, eventually completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Varanasi. The city known for its temple architecture, art, music, poetry and Tehzeeb (grace). Varanasi played an important role in developing the impressions I carry today. Music and the sounds of my surroundings have been a major influence in my creative process, perceiving, balancing the chaotic and the serene. The meaning is not noticed immediately but discovered and revealed over time. Very akin to the Raga (a melodic framework in Indian classical music) with varying ascending and descending tones and patterns, yet always in harmony. I completed my Masters Degree in Fine Arts from New Delhi, where I was privileged to have as my teacher the well known painter and installation artist Vivan Sundaram.  I was also greatly influenced by the interactions and conversations I had in my formative years with the gifted sculptor Himmat Shah. I am indebted to them for vastly broadening my horizons. The shift from Benaras to New Delhi was a turning point for me as an artist. Coming to Delhi, I was brought into contact with a city of 18 million people, a vast urban sprawl bereft of nature. It was deeply disturbing, but it also forced me to radically alter the way I perceived the reality around me.
Many artists have inspired me on my journey. Among Indian artists, I would like to mention three abstractionists– S.H.Raza for his wonderful early landscapes done in Paris, Ganesh Haloi for his lyrical vision, and V.S. Gaitonde for his extraordinary meditations on nature. I also admire both Anselm Kiefer and Antoni Tapies for their understanding of the power of space and scale. I am deeply inspired by the post World War II American masters as well.

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