With SENsorium Abhijit Pathak ventures into the third dimension. The transitions from the two-dimensional surface of canvas is a natural and logical one, since Abhijit has over the last few years been creating collages with strong textural surfaces using rope, wood, fabric, newspapers along with acrylics. These rough and uneven surfaces have now, with Sensorium, meta-morphed into a sculptural and life-size dimension and format.

The intestinal, rope-like suspended forms carry the impression of a labyrinthine jungle, the twisted lines suggesting deep emotional responses to experiences. The additional fusion of sound, music, video and an oscillating light create dense layers to the overall experience – these elements release Abhijit from the confines a static visual metaphor, enabling entry into the realm of performance.

Sensorium gives a glimpse into Abhijit Pathak’s personal and artistic journey, and at the same time invites the viewer to embark on their own exploration.

Text by Art Heritage gallery